Lock-er Down Lock-er Down

In the world we live in, keeping your belongings safe is more important than ever. It is for this reason that Offroad Alliance offers you the complete line of Lock'er Down products.

Lock'er Down’s commitment is providing the most reliable and highest quality automotive safes in the US. To achieve this goal, Lock'er Down manufactures its products at its Texas facility using only the best domestic 12 gauge steel along with extremely secure locks that are almost impenetrable.

  • Secure Storage Safes. Ranging from console safes to armrest safes, Lock'er Down’s Secure Safes and EXxtreme Safes offer unequaled protection for all your valuable belongings
  • Built tough. Lock'er Down products use a multiple-point locking system to resist prying, drill resistant locks, and heavy steel plates to ensure maximum protection
  • Wide variety of lock options. One of the major advantages of Lock'er Down safes is that you can choose from the largest selection of lock options in the industry. Just pick the one that better fits your needs.


  • Lock'er Down’s Secure Storage Console Safes and EXxtreme Console Safes are built using high-grade heavy domestic 12 gauge rolled plate steel and extra 10 gauge plates to strengthen the door (EXxtreme series) to ensure maximum safety for your valuable possessions
  • Lock'er Down’s locks are built using hardened-steel housing and free-spinning keyway to prevent drill bits from penetrating the lock
  • Most Lock'er Down products can be installed within minutes thanks to its application-specific design that includes most pickup trucks and SUVs currently on the market.
  • All Lock'er Down products are supported by a Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Lock'er Down products are proudly made in Texas, USA