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iKamper - Brand Review and What’s New in 2022

iKamper - Brand Review and What’s New in 2022

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The iKamper line of rooftop tents andoff-road camping accessoriesare making a big splash around our showrooms, out in the wild, and down dusty trails coast-to-coast. Rooted in advanced engineering applied to necessity experienced first-hand, they offer the trail-proven experience you want when you need a warm, dry place to lay your head after a hard day of mudding, rock hopping, or overlanding. We love making sure our customers have access to the gear they need, and the iKamper is a phenomenal addition to the “dream build” so many of our customers (and team members) are going for.

Designed To Meet A Need

Founder Soon Park didn’t start off wanting to build rooftop tents that got off-roaders drooling. He just wanted to take a trip with his family, reconnect with nature, and have a comfortable and convenient place to sleep doing it. Cumbersome trailers, flimsy tents, and questionable travel hotels in the middle of nowhere with his young family weren’t meeting those needs consistently. After years developing the Skycamper, it successfully launched with over 2.3 million dollars raised via crowdfunding. Soon Park had struck a nerve that has caused a lot of pain to travelers and off-roaders alike, for years.

Popular Rooftop Tent Line

iKamper Skycamp 2.0 installed

Now in its second generation, theSkycamp 2.0model serves as the current flagship product. The hardshell design offers plenty of protection to your tent, then folds cleanly open to provide a tent that fits the included king-size mattress, giving you space for two adults and two kids. TheSkycamp 2Xoffers a slightly smaller space but still allows for two adults to sleep comfortably side-by-side above your vehicle’s roof, while theSkycamp Minioffers the same 2-person space adapted for an even smaller roof rack footprint. Rounding out the line, theX-Covergives you Skycamp 2.0 space with a softshell top that can accommodate its own cargo rack for securing more gear on your travels.

You can’t offer an upgraded tent without taking the rest of the camping experience into account, and iKamper steps up to the plate in a big way. Insulation turns your tent into a year-round home-away-from-home, while awnings, annexes and storage accessories flesh out your campsite, giving you more space and a better way to set camp for efficiency and comfort. To help you eat better out in the field, theAioksmobile kitchen system provides a table, two burners, and storage for your cooking utensils. iKamper knows how to outfit a campsite for an elevated experience.

Where Do You Go From The Top Of The Mountain?

The next mountain, of course. iKamper rooftop tents may be making waves, but they haven’t let that satisfy them. Off-roading evolves. Camping evolves. iKamper’s engineers don’t just understand they have to evolve, they’re leading the pack in innovation at an affordable price that leaves you plenty left over for road trip supplies. iKamper makes a refined camping experience a priority by focusing on ease of use, durability, sustainability, and ethically delivering a product that is worth the money you spend. Here’s what we’re looking forward to in the coming months:

iKamper Skycamp 3.0iKamper Skycamp 3.0 Mini

Skycamp 3.0, Skycamp 3.0 2X and Skycamp 3.0 Mini

Expected in April or May 2022, the 3.0 models have the same two-layer outer shell and honeycomb aluminum floor with blackout canvas in between that you’re used to. Rather than reinventing the wheel, iKamper has worked on making the ride smoother, with a better 2½” thick, 9-zone sleep mattress for more comfortable support that keeps you warm and helps you wake up feeling more refreshed. Windows have been redesigned to open downwards, making them easier to open up when setting camp.

On the outside, the hardshell’s lock has moved to the side for faster camp set-up, and the mounting brackets can now be tightened from the side of the vehicle and fit a larger range of rack crossbars. The Skycamp 3.0 still sleeps four people, while the Skycamp 3.0 2X and Mini continue to offer space for two adults each. It’s worth noting, however, that while it sleeps the same two people, the 2X model offers the most headspace of the line thanks to its layout parallel rather than perpendicular to the vehicle it’s mounted on.

X-Cover 2.0 and X-Cover 2.0 Mini 

Don’t let the 2.0 fool you. When the new X-Cover evolution shows up May-June 2022, you’re still getting the same advanced engineering as in the Skycamp line, but the X-Cover was a generation late to the party. The soft-shell line forgoes the hardshell for gel-coated canvas. This drops your load weight, improving gas mileage. It also lets you mount iKamper’s gear rack system so you can carry your bikes, kayaks, or other cargo on top of your tent, keeping your interior cargo space clear for more supplies. Sleeping four and two people respectively, it’s one more option to let you fine-tune your overlanding and camping without compromising on quality.

Disco Cooking System

Around spring to early summer 2022, you can also expect to see the Disco make an appearance, belted polyester jumpsuits not required. Named for the practice of cooking out on a repurposed plow disc, or discada, with a nod to the fun dance movement that kept America groovin’, the Disco is more than a camp stove, although it’s a pretty darn good one of those. It’s a place for feasting, festivities, and community on any plain, river bank, or lake shore you set it up on.

Featuring a single burner that can be mounted on the included tri-pod or used with legs on any flat surface, the disca heats up fast using either butane or propane with a separate adapter. The anodized aluminum tri-pod can also do double duty as a set of camp irons and suspend a pot or skillet over a fire using the included chains. The disco also comes with an enameled cast iron skillet made with Meehanite using a patented process for improving strength without adding a ton of weight to your load out.

Get Your Wishlist Ready

Now is the time to start planning for your next big overlanding or camping excursion, and iKamper is ready to hit the trail with you. Keep an eye on our blog for future updates and watch theiKamper brand pagefor new additions as the year gets rolling. If you have any questions,give us a calland one of our outdoor pros will help you out anytime. Get your iKamper gear and custom truck and SUV parts from Offroad Alliance today.

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