Most people are looking for ways to make the most of the available cargo space in their pickup truck. However, that is sometimes difficult especially if the cargo is heavy. BEDSLIDE is here to solve that problem in a simple and intelligent way.

Reach all your cargo, easily and quickly

BEDSLIDE offers you a smart solution to reach any spot of your truck bed in a convenient and safe way.

  • A solution for every need. BEDSLIDE is offered in four different versions with rated capacities ranging from 1,000 lbs to 2,000 libs, BEDSLIDE S, BEDSLIDE 1000 CLASSIC, BEDSLIDE 1500 CONTRACTOR, and BEDSLIDE 2000 HEAVY DUTY.
  • Easy installation. Fitting BEDSLIDE in your pickup truck is easier than installing a regular draw. Moreover, each kit comes with all the hardware you may need, even no-drill factory mount kits are available for certain pickup models.
  • Built to last. All BEDSLIDE drawers use the exclusive WEATHERDECK composite decking material, that is 100% weatherproof, UV resistant, and extremely lightweight.
  • Unsurpassed convenience. Reaching your cargo has never been easier. BEDSLIDE allows you to access your cargo by simply sliding your truck bed. Multiple locking positions makes it even easier handling delicate or extremely heavy loads.
  • Maximum versatility. Customize your BEDSLIDE with a plethora of accessories such as BEDBIN SIDE KIX, GUARDRAIL, BEDBIN TRAYS, and more.

It doesn't matter if you're a contractor, an offroad adventure lover, or someone looking to facilitate the daily work, BEDSLIDE is hands down one of the best upgrades you can install on your truck.

Offroad Alliance Difference

BEDSLIDE is a simple yet innovative solution that definitely eases your life. However, as convenient as it is, you might have questions regarding your specific application. The good news is that Offroad Alliance's experts are willing to assist you, giving you the customer experience you deserve. Contact us today, and start enjoying the convenience of BEDSLIDE.