Radiators and Transmission Coolers

A replacement radiator helps keep your off-road truck or SUV cooler as temperatures rise and you put it through its paces away from the asphalt. A transmission cooler kit uses similar principles to control the temperature of your transmission fluid, which can be especially important when towing or off-roading. By creating a closed fluid system that circulates through a series of tubes and cooling fins, your motor and transmission temperature is kept down, lubricants better maintain their viscosity, and you can push your motor harder, knowing it’s better protected from overheating. Enter your make and model information at the top of the page, and we’ll help you find the right parts by pre-filtering results for your specific vehicle.

Help Your Vehicle Keep Its Cool

When you start customizing your off-road vehicle, temperature management doesn’t just save your power. It protects the investment you’re making in aftermarket performance parts. We carry replacement radiators, transmission cooler kits, and parts from the top names in off-roading so you can keep your build cooler, whatever parts configuration you choose. You’ll know you’re getting quality that’s engineered for performance and manufactured to take the pressures of off-road use. If you need more information about any of our parts or want to talk to an installation pro, we keep someone by the phone, ready to help, on weekdays, in the middle of the night, and over the weekend.

Performance Delivered

We understand the importance of keeping your cool when you’re out in the field because we’re avid off-roaders ourselves. Get the parts you need for your build, delivered at a fair price from our US-based warehouses and backed by the old-school customer service you love. Order your replacement radiator and transmission cooler parts from Offroad Alliance.