About Us

Old School Customer Service was founded to fill a void. As truck enthusiasts ourselves, we found it near impossible to find truly knowledgeable sales help or after-sale support when it comes to vehicle modifications. As marketplaces have continued to takeover online commerce, there's no shortage of companies selling off-road parts online. There is, however, a shortage of off-road companies offering old-school customer service with expert help. 

That's where sets itself apart from the rest. We provide Old School Customer Service - you know, real service. For instance, we pick up the phone even on Sundays or late at night. We know that you're excited to get your parts and install them. We know this because that's how we are! We know you may have questions about the parts you recently purchased. Not only do we work tirelessly to ensure you are informed about part and manufacturer options and that you get your parts quickly, we're happy to offer our firsthand experience and installation help.

In addition to our website, we have two retail, warehouse and installation shops. Our busy installation bays and extensive warehouse inventory means that we test, install and use the products we sell everyday.

Our Sales and Customer Service Team: 


Jeff is the founder of Offroad Alliance, having started his 4x4 truck addiction early in life. He spent an entire summer when he was in high school customizing his first Toyota pickup. Since those days he has customized many trucks and Jeeps, always for his own use.  When he purchased a Ford Raptor in 2013 and wasn’t happy with the fog light solutions that were available, he decided to create his own. Jeff built a prototype and splashed some pictures around the internet. It was when he got calls from other owners asking if the kit could be made for them that he got started selling truck parts. He has since designed and manufactured many other truck parts and accessories. Jeff’s commitment to quality and his desire to provide the highest level of service is what makes him unique. He finds it enjoyable and rewarding to chat about trucks and mods and supply parts to other truck enthusiasts. 


Chris is the Director of Sales and Customer Service, and manages forum outreach for Offroad Alliance. Chris' first off-road vehicle was a 2010 Ford SVT Raptor. In 2012, Chris founded Crown Offroad - an online retailer specializing in the F-150 Raptor. When Crown Offroad merged with Ford Raptor Lights 2017, Offroad Alliance was born. Chris has been a prominent figure in the F-150 Raptor scene for 11+ years, and loved spending his time playing in the sand throughout the Southwest USA. Chris has owned 3 F-150 Raptors, his most recent being a heavily modified 2018 SupercCrew. After moving to the east coast in 2018, Chris spent his time off-roading up and down the East Coast in his 2018 TRD Pro Tacoma outfitted with King Suspension, Camburg UCAs, cold air intake, exhaust, wheels, tires, and Baja Designs lights galore. Chris is our in-house Raptor expert, call him today and start your Raptor build off the right way from the start!


Born and raised in the heart of the desert of El Paso, TX. Sand has been coursing through Tyson's veins for as long as he can remember. It all began with riding his first quad at 12; kicking off an addiction to the adrenaline rush at a young age. Reaching the limits of OEM components in no time, it became apparent how mods/upgrades equal more reliability, more performance, and more fun! This obsession grew into an understanding and ability to quickly identify what's lacking from factory machines; thus enabling him to push the envelope even further! Stock just isn't enough for Tyson, and this moto has continued to be a theme throughout his life!  Tyson’s passion, knowledge, and hunger for performance modifications is truly unmatched! 


Thomas is the in-house Toyota 4WD guru at Offroad Alliance and manages our Conroe, TX location. Thomas' addiction to high-performance vehicles started in high school when he bought his first vehicle - a Dodge Charger. Thomas quickly became hooked to the performance, power and the world of aftermarket modifications.  After moving Colorado, Thomas quickly realized his need for a 4WD vehicle - that's when his off-roading addiction began. He switched out his Charger for Toyota 4Runner and was instantly hooked after going off-road for the first time. Thomas now drives a 2016 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro fully outfitted with a custom ADS 2.5" long travel suspension, Shrockworks Armor and Bumpers, Front Runner roof rack, Baja Designs LED lighting all over and much more. As everyone in the Houston, TX area knows, if you need assistance with your Toyota or Lexus off-roader, you talk to Tom.


When he's not busy selling, Cody is also the social media content creator for Offroad Alliance. His passion for cars and trucks started at a very young age. He grew up watching and learning from his own father, who has also been involved in the aftermarket parts world for many years. In addition, Cody's Grandfather had a vast classic car collection which is the subject of many fond childhood memories. Cody has built many off-road rigs over the years, including an 87 GMC Jimmy with a 6" on 35" tires and a 1988 Jeep Grand Cherokee with a 4" lift. After serving 8 years Active Duty in the Army, he entered the world of new Ford truck sales in 2016. Cody quickly became passionate for the F-150 Raptor and launched his popular Instagram page @theraptorconnection. Cody decided to join the Offroad Alliance team because aftermarket modifications and off-roading have always been a passion of his. His current truck is a 2019 F-150 FTX with ICON Alloys wheels, Toyo tires, Baja Designs fog lights, and Alpharex headlights. If you're contacting us by phone or chat or on social media, chances are you'll have the opportunity to talk to Cody!