Aftermarket Brake Lines

Aftermarket brake lines go above and beyond to make sure your off-road truck or SUV has the stopping power it needs to keep you safe and let you have plenty of fun when you get away from civilization. Your stock lines are designed for highway driving, city commutes, and the occasional gentle run to a fishing hole. A rugged brake line kit featuring durable stainless steel braiding, however, gets your truck ready to sling mud, climb (and descend) big rocks, and handle the bumpiest trails better than lightweight stock lines, even when the trail runs out. They’re also an essential part of most suspension upgrades that allow for greater travel, like lifting and leveling kits. Enter your vehicle information at the top of the page for vehicle-specific brake line replacement options, or check the universal parts back to keep your options open for the most customized builds.

Off-Road Ready Brake Parts

If you’re off-roading right, you’re asking a lot of your brake lines. They have to provide plenty of power not just for stopping, but also to hold the vehicle when needed and slow you on steep descents. Whether you need a brake line kit to upgrade from stock or adjust for modifications, or you need a full brake line replacement after an incident, we have the parts you need from the top brands in the business. We want to help you have more fun off-roading while keeping all our customers safe, so don’t hesitate to call us if you need more information, a part you don’t see on our site, or to talk to a pro about an installation question. We have an off-road expert ready days, nights, and weekends to get you taken care of.

Rugged Brakes For Rougher Country

We have the brake parts you need ready to ship from our US-based warehouses and installation shops so you can get out of the garage and back to playing dirty. Make sure your truck has quality parts backed by old-school service. Order your brake lines from Offroad Alliance today.