License Plate Brackets

License plate brackets may not be the first customization that comes to mind for your off-road truck or SUV, but if you’re building for extreme use, you’ll get there. By law, your vehicle needs a clearly visible license plate. As you add parts, swap exterior elements, and step up your off-roading game, your stock license plate mount may be in harm’s way, or it may sit in a place that isn’t going to be there when the new bumper is bolted on. Replacement brackets and relo kits help you comply with the law while keeping your build-on task and your truck’s lines clean. Browse our full selection of plate brackets, or enter your vehicle information to check out model-specific options for your ride.

Don’t Forget The Details

Customizing your license plate location is one of those mods that isn’t a priority until it needs to be. Then it needs to get done so you can get onto the fun stuff. Whether you’ve swapped bumpers, need more room for accessories, or just want to make sure you don’t leave your plate at the bottom of a mud puddle on an aggressive entry, we’ve got you covered with license plate brackets built for off-roading from some of the best-known brands in the business. Each one is built for playing rough in the field and keeping things legal on the way home. If you need a license plate mount you don’t see on the site, want more information about the parts we carry, or need some installation guidance, call us. One of our off-road experts is on standby days, nights, and weekends to get your build squared away.

Old-School Off-Road Builders

We’re avid truck enthusiasts who have been modding our trucks and SUVs for years. That’s why we are so determined to offer the parts you need, ready to ship from our US-based warehouses at the right price for you. Then we stand behind your purchase with the service our customers love. Get the right license plate bracket for your build from the pros at Offroad Alliance today.