LED Light Bars & Pods

Getting an LED light bar for trucks or SUVs does more than give you the light you need when the sun goes down. It adds that quintessential off-road truck look to your custom build. From LED pods to bars, we have modern, energy-efficient aftermarket lighting. Lights have always been part of building the ultimate off-road vehicle. With the advancements in lighting technology, you can add more lights for brighter illumination in the configurations that suit your off-roading lifestyle. Browse our selection of LED lights and find a bright idea for your build today.

More Light For Less Energy

Adding LED light bars and pods to your truck or SUV gives you comparable lighting to the traditional light bar systems that have owned off-roading for generations but with lower power requirements. You could interpret that to mean you need less electrical work to get up and running, but for some, that means the ability to add even more lights to turn night to day when the sun goes down. Our LED pods and bars come from brands that are pushing the envelope in aftermarket lighting while delivering products you can trust. If you need more information about our products, contact one of our pros. They’re available days, nights, and weekends to get you squared away.

Stay Out Later

No one wants to start heading home just because they can’t hang with the pack when the sun goes down. Adding pods or an LED light bar for your truck gives you the light to keep playing all night long. We have the parts you need, in stock and ready to deliver. Order your aftermarket lighting backed by old-school customer service from Offroad Alliance today.