Oil Catch Cans

An oil catch can kit helps protect your engine and its power so you can get more from your off-road truck or SUV. A baffled oil catch can may not directly add power to your engine, so it doesn’t get as much attention as other performance customizations. Instead, it helps protect your motor from losing power to build-up caused by oil sludge deposits in your intake manifold. Every off-roader needs a vehicle that can deliver power when needed, making a catch can an important consideration for any build. Enter your vehicle information at the top of the page for pre-filtered search results that may match your vehicle, or browse our full selection for universal parts to add to your custom off-road truck or SUV.

Keep It Clean While Getting Dirty

We’re proud to carry oil catch can kits from a selection of top off-road manufacturers you know and trust. Each one is engineered to pull oil vapor and sludge out of the air being routed to your intake manifold, reducing the introduction of contaminants so you keep the power from the performance parts you’ve invested in. If you have any questions about how a baffled oil catch can could help your build, need more details, or want some installation advice, give us a call. One of our experts is ready to talk to you during the day, overnight, and on the weekends.

Build Your Beast With Quality Parts

We’re all avid truck and off-road enthusiasts, which is why delivering quality parts at fair prices is so important. You can get the same pro-caliber parts we use on our own vehicles delivered to you directly from our US-based warehouses. Order your oil catch can kits and parts from Offroad Alliance today.