Bump Stop Kits

Bump stop kits protect your off-road truck or SUV’s components from the jarring impact of metal-on-metal. As your suspension travels, it absorbs the impacts of bumpy trails, but as speed or the size of these bumps increases, your suspension alone may not be up to the task. A suspension bump stop takes the brunt of the big hits so your expensive and more sensitive truck components don’t have to. Maybe most importantly, they can also protect you and your passengers from the dangerous bucking that can occur when your suspension runs out of uptravel. Browse our selection of parts below, and remember to enter your make and model information at the top of the page when searching for pre-filtered results centered on your vehicle. 

Big Hops Need Big Stops

If you go hard when you’re off-roading, you need a bump stop kit on your ride. It’s an easy upgrade that comes with a wallet-friendly cost that could save you money from repairing additional wear, tear, and damage on your vehicle. We carry a range of suspension bump stop systems and parts so you can tailor your truck’s protection to your needs. If you need more information, want help finding the right parts for your truck, or run into an installation issue, contact our team. We have an off-road pro ready to help you out–days, nights, and weekends.

Protect Your Investment

When you make sure your truck has the right off-road equipment, you’re not just keeping its components safer, you're giving it the tools to stay out longer, play harder, and push its limits further. Get your truck parts from off-road specialists who stand behind their products and ship them fast from US-based warehouses. Order your bump stop kits from Offroad Alliance today.