Adding a serious intercooler kit to your off-road truck or SUV makes your performance components more efficient by improving air cooling before it enters the combustion chamber. Once air leaves your turbo, it’s compressed but incredibly hot, reducing its ability to carry oxygen. Intercoolers use a series of fins and tubes to cool this compressed air, improving the horsepower your motor delivers. Enter your vehicle at the top of the page for results prefiltered for your make and model, or keep universal parts checked and browse our entire selection of aftermarket intercooler parts.

Improve Your Power

We carry intercooler kits from the names you know and trust in off-roading. From relocation kits that move your ‘coolers to make space for more custom parts to full intercooler systems that offer better cooling over your stock components, you’ll find exactly what you need to build your vehicle into a beast. If you have any questions about our aftermarket intercooler parts, need help finding the components compatible with your custom powertrain, or want to talk to a pro about the installation process, we have an experienced technician available days, nights, and weekends. It’s the off-roader to off-roader experience our old-school customer service is founded on.

Quality Intercooler Systems And Parts

Elevate your off-road experience with quality parts at fair prices that let you build a vehicle you can be proud of. We have the intercooler kits you need ready to ship from our US-based warehouses. Order your kits today and get the power you’ve been looking for from Offroad Alliance today.