Rooftop Tents

Adding a rooftop tent to your off-road truck or SUV helps upgrade your custom vehicle into the ultimate overlanding adventure machine. Rooftop camping gets you closer to the stars in the clear night sky while eliminating the need for flimsy and complicated ground-based domes and cabin tents. Trek hard, park for the night, pop your tent latch, and in minutes, your camp shelter is set, secure, and ready for rest and relaxation. Take a look at our selection of rooftop tents and find the right fit for your next excursion.

Play Hard, Rest Better

We carry rooftop tents and awnings for almost every off-road vehicle from some of the top names in overland camping. Whether you’re just looking for something small and light for the occasional getaway or need something sturdier because you spend more time in the field than in your driveway, we’ve got the right rooftop tent for you. From small, 2-person models that are set up in minutes to larger family rooftop camping options, you’ll find tents that are engineered for utility and convenience, built for comfort and durability, and available with the tent accessories that help turn a campground into a playground all night long. If you need more information, have trouble finding the right parts or mounting hardware, or just need to talk to an expert about installation, call one of our pros anytime–days, nights, or weekends.

Make The World Your Campsite

With a rooftop tent, roughing it gets a whole lot more comfortable. We have the gear you need in stock, backed by old-school customer service, and ready to go from our US-based warehouses. Order your overlanding and camping gear online from Offroad Alliance today.