Buggy & Whip Lights

When you want to make sure your off-road buggy, truck, or SUV gets the attention it deserves, buggy and whip lights make a statement that can’t be ignored. An LED whip is a great tool for trail safety that is just as eye-catching when it’s party time after you’re done off-roading for the day. These loud and proud lights are an easy customization project to finish out your build’s aftermarket light upgrades in style. Browse our selection of quality whips and find the right addition to your vehicle today.

Whip Your Vehicle Into Shape

Whip lights aren’t going to make or break your build, but they look freaking cool going over dunes, through mud, or down the trail when the sun starts to drop. They help others keep track of your position as you navigate by offering a visible marker that sits higher so it can be seen farther. Far from being all business, these can also be used to spice up your vehicle’s look, giving you an extra bit of flair to turn heads at shows, events, or informal get-togethers when it’s time to relax after a long day. We carry LED whips and mounts from some of the top off-road accessory manufacturers so you can find the right look for your build. Contact one of our pros if you need more information or have any installation questions. We have an expert by the phone on days, nights, and weekends to help you out.

Build Your Off-Road Beast

Your off-road truck, buggy, or SUV works hard, but that doesn’t mean it can’t look good too. Adding a quality whip light can give you the right look and functionality for better off-roading, and we’ve got them ready to ship to you. Order your off-roading lights and accessories from Offroad Alliance today.