Aftermarket Leaf Springs

Make sure your off-road truck or SUV is ready for rougher roads with aftermarket leaf springs that help keep your tires down and powering through. Built from wide metal slats bundled together and bent to provide pushback under load, truck leaf springs carry the load on the axle, hold your vehicle up, and locate the axle to help prevent lateral movement, creating a stable platform for you to work with. While the stock springs, with as few as three leaves, will get you started, serious off-roading can benefit from an upgrade to progressive leaf springs, which give you better road performance, increased towing capacity, and a smoother transition as they travel by replacing stock leaf springs with packs of thinner springs in greater numbers. Whether you snapped your stock spring, your ride is getting spongy, or you’re ready to get rougher when it’s time to get dirty, entering your vehicle information at the top of the page helps us pre-filter results so you can find the right parts for your truck easier.

Put Some Bounce In Your Back-End

Leaf springs aren’t just for towing. They help your truck handle large rocks, big dips, and bumpy ground when you get away from paved roads. As your vehicle bounces, the leaf springs push the wheels down into the ground, keeping you in control and your engine’s power transferring to the trail. When you drop into a dip, they push up on your truck’s body, keeping your tires safer and helping prevent damage to your expensive off-road parts and accessories. We carry aftermarket leaf springs from the big names in off-road suspension, and one of our pros is available any time to answer product questions, give you some pointers, or help talk you through an installation issue. That means your leaf spring replacement is backed by old-school customer service born from years of experience.

Performance Off-Road Leaf Springs

Our custom inventory system lets you see the parts we have in stock at our US-based warehouses and distribution centers so you know what progressive leaf springs are available for your ride and when we can get them headed your way. Our experienced off-road pros are ready to help you upgrade your off-road experience. Order your aftermarket truck leaf springs from Offroad Alliance today.