Turbocharger Parts

Keep your off-road truck or SUV pushing hard with turbocharger parts that give you more power output from your motor. Turbochargers compress the air coming into your motor, giving it a larger volume of oxygen-rich air to mix with fuel for more power with each engine stroke. Whether you want a catted downpipe, need a new turbo blow-off valve, or are ready to pull the trigger on a complete turbo system, we’re ready to help you find the power you need. Enter your vehicle information for model-specific parts or keep it universal and browse our full selection of turbo components to find exactly what your motor needs to deliver more power.

More Horses Means More Fun

It’s not always the bigger engine that has the most fun when you get off the road, but having more power doesn’t hurt. Whether you’re adding a new turbocharger to your custom build or swapping for better-than-stock aftermarket turbocharger parts, like a catted downpipe for increased exhaust flow or an efficient turbo blow-off valve that eases system pressure when you let off the throttle, we’ve got what you need. Our turbo parts come from the names you know and trust in motorsports and are backed by our old-school customer service. If you need more information or want help finding the right part for your build, an installation pro is standing by to help anytime.

Power Your Next Off-Road Adventure

Make sure you’re ready for big rocks, deep mud, and the roughest trails. We have the parts your build needs in stock at fair prices, ready to ship from our US-based warehouses. These are the same high-quality turbocharger parts we use in our own vehicles and the custom builds we do at our install shops. Order your performance parts from the pros at Offroad Alliance today.