Off-Road Control Arms

Your off-road truck or SUV’s control arms have a big job. They connect the part of your vehicle in contact with the trail–the wheels–to the rest of your truck, helping the rest of the suspension system to provide both steering and support as you tackle the great outdoors. Off-road control arms can change how your truck handles, rides, and manages the terrain you set your sights on. Enter your vehicle information at the top of the page, and we’ll help you find parts and accessories designed for your make and model. 

Performance Off-Road Suspensions

Control arms are an important part of any off-road suspension upgrade, and we have some of the top options from the biggest names in the business. These parts are engineered for performance, manufactured from durable materials that can handle whatever the field throws at them, and backed by our team of truck enthusiasts who understand how important control is when you’re crawling rocks, slinging mud, or a hundred miles away from the nearest road. If you need more information to make an informed decision about your suspension or have an install question about a control arm kit, give us a call. We have a truck expert available any time to get you squared away.

Off-Road With Confidence

If you want to take on the biggest challenges, you need a truck that is ready for the job at hand. We’re proud to offer premium parts at a fair price, in stock, and ready to head your way. Build your truck into the machine it’s ready to be. Order your control arms from Offroad Alliance today.