Off-Road Air Suspension

Adding an air suspension kit to your off-road truck or SUV can give you a smoother ride while also preventing damage to your vehicle. Using bellows filled with pressurized air, these systems cushion your ride while allowing for adjustment to your ride quality using air compressors to fine-tune your suspension’s response. We offer complete kits, parts, and accessories that let you upgrade your vehicle’s suspension system. Just enter your make and model information at the top of the page, and we’ll help you find the right air system for your ride. 

Bag Your Beast

Air suspension systems can create a better off-roading experience when your vehicle is going to be loaded down, towing a heavy trailer, or if you want a gentler ride than your traditional steel springs afford. Steel springs rely on compression and decompression of the metal to take some shock out of the ride or support the weight of your vehicle and its load. Aside from saving your tailbone, this can help prevent the “bottoming out” that can come with overloaded or worn traditional springs when the going gets rough. A quality air system micro adjusts for the load each bag is under in fractions of a second, smoothing out the ride, accommodating the pressure from trail conditions or weight, and readjusting to meet the challenges of the field as you encounter them. If you need more information about our air kits or installation guidance, call us. One of our off-road pros will help you out any time. 

Build A Better Ride

As off-roaders ourselves, we make sure our customers get parts we’d be proud to run on our trucks at a fair price with fast shipping from our US-based warehouses. Treating you the same way we’d want our parts team to treat us is the old-school customer service that keeps off-roaders coming back. Order your off-road air suspension kit online from Offroad Alliance today.