Overland Tents & Awnings

Whether you need an overland tent for a night away from the city or your month-long trek across the country, you’ll find the Overlanding and camping equipment you need to do more with your vehicle. Adding a rooftop tent to your build gives you a convenient, comfortable home-away-from-home wherever and whenever you decide to shut down for the night. We’ll help you find the right overland tents and awnings for your vehicle. Enter your information at the top of the page for filtered search results for your make and model.

Off-Road Your Way

You don’t have to rely on a cheap dome as your overland tent. From full-size awnings for Overlanding to fold-out tents that nestle safely inside a durable shell when not in use, we can help you step up your camping lifestyle. We carry rooftop tents from some of the top innovators in the industry, giving you the options you want when you need to get away from it all for a good night’s sleep. If you have any questions about our overlanding products, contact us. One of our off-road specialists is ready to help you understand your options or talk you through an installation snag. 

Choose The Right Tent

As with most things, there's no shortage of options and configurations when it comes to Rooftop Tents (RTTs). At Offroad Alliance, we carry a large selection of RTTs, and we're always ready to assist in your purchasing journey. A great place to start is to consider the size and style of tent you'd prefer based on your intended use and budget. See below for basic guidance when it comes to your rooftop tent purchase.

Tent Sizes

Rooftop tents come in a variety of sizes, and that's totally up to you! Larger tents can hold more campers and gear, but you must consider any sizing constraints based on your intended mounting location. The largest tents are typically mounted atop SUVs or Pickup trucks with a camper shell. Smaller tents can be mounted on smaller passenger cars, SUVs, short cab-length pickup trucks, and pickup bed racks. It's just a matter of budget and physical space where you plan to mount the tent, get out the tape measure!

Tent Types

Soft Shell: Soft shell tents, such as the offerings from ROAM Adventure Co., are typically less expensive than hard shell rooftop tents. Available in many sizes, colors, and configurations. Can be mounted on a variety of suitable load bars, platform racks, or bed racks. Tent material is subject to the elements. Takes longer to set up at the campsite than a hard shell.

Hard Shell: Hard shell rooftop tents, such as iKamper, are normally more expensive than their soft shell counterparts. Shell exterior finishes are usually limited to basic colors; black, white, and gray. Can be mounted on a variety of suitable load bars, platform racks, or bed racks. The tent material is contained within the shell and protected against the elements. Faster to set up than a soft shell.

Rest Easy Off The Road

As off-road enthusiasts, we work hard to offer the same high-quality parts we run on our trucks, in stock and ready to ship from our US-based warehouses. That way you know you’re getting good overland tents and awnings at a fair price, backed by a team that stands by the products we love. Get ready for your next camping adventure. Order your new awning and tent from Offroad Alliance today.