iKamper iKamper

What started as a good idea after a family trip turned into a stroke of brilliance with the iKamper Skycamp. Whether you’re an overlanding enthusiast or just like the occasional camping trip, the iKamper roof-top tent offers convenience and comfort you’ll love. From an initial Kickstarter that sent waves through the off-roading world, they’ve built themselves into a thriving community spanning the globe in more than 40 countries. Now we’re excited to welcome them to our community. Browse below or use our powerful text search at the top of the page at the top of the page, and we’ll help you find the right iKamper vehicle accessories to help you get off the road and away from it all. 

Engineered For Everyone

The iKamper Skycamp line is designed to give everyone an easy-to-use camper for their vehicle. Available in sizes that range from 2-person models that will fit on a compact car to larger models and awnings to extend your camping shelter, the iKamper roof-top tent system lets the user decide what’s right for their outdoor experience. When combined with their new kitchen system line-up, you have all the comforts of home wherever you decide to put it in park for the night. If you have any questions about our products or need installation help, give us a call. One of our off-road pros is available to provide the information you need days, nights, and even on the weekends. 

Warm, Dry, And Ready For The Next Day

As truck enthusiasts ourselves, we’ve had to spend an unplanned night in the cab when a tent just wasn’t up to the task (or the stake bag didn’t make it into the truck). The iKamper Skycamp is engineered for comfort and manufactured to stand up to the real world, with quality materials that keep the cold and wet out, the heat in, and allow plenty of ventilation for a good night’s sleep. Make sure you’re ready for the next off-roading adventure with a roof-top tent from Offroad Alliance.