Suspension Limit Straps

If you like big air off-road, your truck or SUV needs suspension limit straps to prevent suspension damage. When your vehicle weight suddenly lifts off the suspension, your springs can violently hit full extension, potentially harming your vehicle components. A limit strap kit sets a maximum expansion point your springs can reach. Enter your make and model at the top of the page for vehicle-specific search recommendations, or check the “Universal Parts” box to browse our full selection of performance parts.

Push The Truck To The Limit, Not Your Springs

A limit kit lets you hit tough trails without risking your suspension when the ground falls away from your tire. A properly fit strap stops your suspension from extending to full droop, preventing the hard pull on your mounting bolts that can turn expensive fast. We carry top-of-the-line straps from the top brands in off-roading. If you need help finding the right limit strap kit for your truck or run into any installation troubles, give us a call. Our team of pros has decades of off-roading experience, and we’ve got one of them standing by to answer your calls days, nights, and weekends.

Get Your Truck Ready To Go

As truck enthusiasts, we love to help our customers find the right parts at the right price and ship them fast from our US-based warehouses. Get a better off-road experience from your vehicle while protecting your investment from avoidable damage. Order your limit straps from Offroad Alliance today.