Eclipse Sun Shades and Kits

Eclipse sun shades and kits help you enjoy the outdoors and beat the summer heat without exposing you or your passengers to the blistering sun. We carry sun shade kits for a variety of vehicles, whether you prefer to let your top down in your Jeep or just need something to help protect your off-road truck when it’s parked outside. Whether for comfort or protection, sun shades are a must-have vehicle accessory. Enter your information at the top of the page, and we’ll help you find the right shades to keep your interior cool, whether you’re hitting the asphalt wilderness or getting down and dirty in the mud on a lost trail.

Keep Your Vehicle Cool

The UV rays of the sun can damage your truck or SUV’s interior and the skin of any passengers. An Eclipse sun shade kit is an easy solution for your Jeep, filtering or blocking the sun’s rays while giving you the airflow that makes Jeeps so popular in the off-road community. Meanwhile, interior sun shades protect your dash and glass by keeping your interior cooler when the sun is at its highest and preventing frost build-up in the dead of winter. We carry a full range of shades to fit your outdoor lifestyle, and our experienced pros are always ready to help. If you have any questions or need help choosing the right one for your ride, call us anytime, days, nights, or even on the weekend.

Ready For Installation

We have sun shades from the leading companies in the business, in stock, ready to ship, and backed by old-school customer service which means even if you run into a snag, we’ve got your back. Give your vehicle the protection it needs to beat the heat. Order your custom-fitted interior or Eclipse Sun Shade online from Offroad Alliance today.