Rooftop Tent Mounting Hardware

Having the right rooftop tent mounting hardware on your off-road truck or SUV keeps your rooftop tent or awning secured firmly as you hit the bumpiest roads and shelter comfortably through the roughest weather the wild has to offer. Tent and awning mounting brackets are not the places you want to skimp on when you’re customizing your vehicle. You’ve invested a lot of time and money building your truck into a beast, and quality hardware makes sure your shelter, truck, and self are protected and ready for Mother Nature. Browse our wide selection of hardware to fit the most popular vehicles, tents, and awnings on the market today.

Secure Mounts For Shelter On The Go

Your rooftop tent mounting hardware has to work hard securing your tent and helping ensure weight is properly distributed and transferred through your vehicle’s supports. Meanwhile, awning mounting brackets have to keep your awning in place and stowed while on the go and hold it firmly to keep it from becoming the world’s most expensive kite when you’re making camp for the night. That’s why we carry quality parts that are engineered for the real world and made from materials that can take the use and abuse they will see in the field. If you need help finding the right hardware for your build, want more information about our products, or need a pro on the line to talk through an install problem, we’re ready to talk days, nights, and weekends. 

Level-Up Your Off-road Truck

Whether you need an awning for fast shelter from the blistering sun in the Valley of Fire or need a comfortable night's sleep in the Alaskan Wilderness sheltered in your rooftop tent, mounting hardware to help you get the job done is in stock and ready to ship from our US-based warehouses. Get the parts you need backed by old-school customer service. Order your off-road hardware and accessories from Offroad Alliance today.