Automotive Electrical Components

Stock automotive electrical components won’t cut it when you need to depend on them off-road when the play gets rough and wild. The accessories you need for your truck or SUV build are made to help you push the envelope, but the parts backing them need to be just as tough. From off-road light switch panels to connectors and switches that can tackle the toughest challenges, we’ve got what you need. Enter your vehicle’s information at the top of the page, and we’ll help you filter results for the parts made to help you do more with your truck or SUV.

Switch It Up

You want reliable automotive electrical components for your custom light rigs, communication equipment, and accessories. Whether it’s an off-road light switch panel that can handle a little extra dirt and grime or a custom flasher module that keeps even the most remote party locations rocking all night long, you’ll find quality parts from some of the top names in the industry. As truck enthusiasts, we know what you’re looking for, and these are the same parts we run on our vehicles and install at our shops. If you need help finding the right part or have an installation question, give us a call. An experienced pro is ready to answer the phone on days, nights, and weekends.

Wired For The Wild

Don’t let a short put a quick end to an outing. We have the quality electronic parts and accessories your truck needs backed by the old-school service you want when you’re building a beast, in stock and ready to go from our US-based warehouses. Order your automotive electrical components from Offroad Alliance today.