Roam Adventure Co.

When you’re building an off-road truck or SUV to get away from it all, Roam Adventure Co. makes sure you have a comfortable night’s sleep when you get there. Camping has always been part of the off-road lifestyle, but not like this. Roam Adventure tents go where your vehicle does, set up fast, and are ready to go again the next day in mere moments. It's time to ugrade your overlanding. Browse our full selection of Roam Vagabond rooftop tents and accessories and find the right shelter for your extended adventures.

Designed For Life In The Wild

Roam Adventure Co. is designed by and for people like you–the off-road community members who like to get away for the weekend or like their fun with a different kind of wild side. Roam Adventure tents are based on the experiences found using them–brisk winter starlight, cool autumn sunsets, and warm summer mornings that see you up early to beat the heat. Whether you choose a Roam Vagabond tent for an easy, pop-up shelter or the Rambler hardshell and its spacious headroom, you’re getting quality engineering that’s built to last, season after season. If you need more details on any Roam products or want some installation advice, one of our pros is by the phone to talk to you days, nights, and weekends.

Go Where Others Can’t

We want to help you build a vehicle that can take you farther and help you stay out longer so you can enjoy the wild spaces most people only dream about. We have your overlanding and camping custom parts in stock and ready to ship so you can customize your vehicle. Order your Roam Adventure Co. tent from the pros at Offroad Alliance today.