Bubba Rope Bubba Rope

A Successful American Story

There are two things for certain about having your truck stuck in mud, sand, or snow – it can happen unexpectedly and the quicker and safer you get out the better. This is the story about how Bubba Rope® became synonymous with made-in-America quality and at the same time became the best friend of every amateur and commercial off-roader who needs a little help getting unstuck.

Before there was Bubba Rope there was double braid nylon rope used by the US military for airlifting Humvees and cargo by helicopter. Manufactured in America by Certified Slings and Supply, the expandable sling rope met strict military specifications for safety, strength, and reliability.

Could an expandable nylon rope that transported Humvees in the air be transformed into a better and safer tool to recover off-road vehicles and equipment out of snow, mud, and sand? The leaders at Certified Slings thought so. They also knew that their company's more than 50-year history of manufacturing and selling the highest quality products demanded the same high quality for Bubba Rope.

In 2010 Bubba Rope held center stage at the SEMA show where it won SEMA's top award in New Products Packaging Design. It was a coming-out party that launched world-wide recognition of Bubba Rope as a faster, smarter, safer way to get your truck unstuck.

Bubba Rope created the Original Power Stretch™ Recovery Rope that worked by transferring more power and less jerk when recovering stuck vehicles. It was not too long before they found out that this new Power Gain Technology™ worked perfectly not only on ATV's, Jeeps, and trucks, but also on larger equipment used in industrial applications like snowplows, semi’s and even heavy farming equipment.  The Bubba Power Stretch™ Recovery Rope also became known for its tough Gator-ized® vinyl rope armor that covered the rope protecting the rope's nylon fibers against UV rays, water, sand, and abrasion. And because it came in fun colors it was immediately dubbed by many as the "coolest" recovery product to have. Since then countless others have tried to duplicate this product, but just making a rope that "look's" like a Bubba Rope is not enough. Only Bubba Rope has and uses the original US Military Specs of this Power Stretch Rope and only Bubba Rope actually certifies the breaking strength of their completed product.

The successful elimination of all metal from the Bubba Power Stretch™ Rope was followed by the development of the Gator-Jaw® Synthetic Shackle made from Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMPE) rope. With a tensile strength higher than steel, and still light enough to float in water, the Gator-Jaw® Synthetic Shackle won the 2015 SEMA Award for Best New Off-Road Product. Since then this product has gone through multiple designs making it stronger and easier to use. Similar to their Power Stretch Recovery RopeGator-Jaw Synthetic Shackle also has its imitators that look the same, but buyers beware. Their patented design assures you of the best product on the market today.

Together, a Bubba Power Stretch Rope and a Gator-Jaw Synthetic Shackle can be used for off-road recovery, and in farming, mining, and even marine applications. Additional next generation products like the new patented non-metal synthetic winch line and even newer Gator-Jaw PRO line successfully released in 2018.

Bubba Recovery Gear and its family of innovative recovery products will continue to be American made, fully tested, and designed in response to customers' needs. It will also continue to be the recognized brand that sets the standard of excellence for the faster, smarter, safer way to get your truck unstuck.