Deadman Offroad

Deadman Off-Road

Sometimes the most useful inventions start from a simple idea. That is the case with Deadman Off-road, the most versatile off-road recovery anchor on the market.

The Deadman Off-Road product line revolves around their extremely versatile Deadman Earth Anchor, an incredible off-road anchor capable of creating secure pull points by holding onto just about anything you can think of, around rocks, on trees, and even on the ground.

  • Complete ruggedized Deadman kit. A ready to go solution including the almost indestructible Ruggedized Deadman Earth Anchor, Deadman Bodybag v2, and 2x Ruggedized Deadman Shackles
  • Complete Deadman kit. The original Deadman kit, including the beloved Deadman Earth Anchor, Deadman Bodybag, and 2x Deadman Shackles
  • Deadman standalone products. In case you prefer to build your own kit (or complement your current one) you can purchase separately the Deadman Earth Anchor, the Ruggedized Deadman Earth Anchor, Deadman ruggedized shackles, Deadman soft shackles, Deadloops, Deadman bodybags, and more

Deadman Off-Road Product Features

  • The Deadman Earth Anchor has a minimum breaking strength ranging from 16,600 lbs to 66,400 lbs depending on its configuration
  • The Deadman Bodybag is made from industrial-grade PVC vinyl and has a convenient MOLLE system for attaching additional gear
  • The Deadman Rugged Shackle is made with the same materials used in synthetic winch lines and supplemented with a woven protective sheath that makes the shackle abrasion-resistant. Due to its ruggedized construction, it has a minimum breaking strength of 43,500 lbs
  • The Deadman Soft Shackle is also made with the same materials used in synthetic winch lines which enables it to withstand a breaking strength up to 40,000 lbs
  • Deadman Off-Road stands behind the quality and workmanship of its products with a lifetime warranty!
  • Deadman products are made in the USA in partnership with Scully Off-Road