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Regardless of the year of your Ford F-150 or Ford F-150 Raptor, look no further than Full-Race products to take your EcoBoost engine to the next level.

Ford's new EcoBoost engines are undoubtedly a benchmark for efficiency and performance. Full-Race products are designed to make the most out of the excellent capabilities of these engines and increase their power to levels never seen before.

How much power are you willing to get from your engine?

Turbo engines offer a myriad of possibilities to increase its horsepower. Enhancing either the intake system or the exhaust system are popular options as well as installing a larger intercooler. Hardcore performance enthusiasts would add to the list installing an aftermarket turbo unit. Now, nothing beats doing all the above. That is what Full-Race is all about. Offering you all available performance options for Ford EcoBoost engines.

  • Improved turbochargers. Full-Race offers you custom-made turbochargers kits for your Ford F-150 and Ford F-150 Raptor. Aside from the high-quality Garret, or Borg Warner twin turbos, Full-Race kits include all necessary plumbing, hardware, clamps, turbine housings, downpipe, turbo manifolds, and more to take your truck up to 1,000+ HP
  • Intercooler Kits. Whether you upgrade or not your stock turbo, installing a larger intercooler is always a good idea. Full-Race intercooler kits come with all that you need to replace the OEM unit with a larger and visually striking intercooler.
  • Intake Systems. Full-Race offers you enhanced closed-box air filter kits including low-restriction high-performance air filter elements and improved ducting system to take your intake system to the next level.
  • Exhaust Systems. There is no sense in upgrading a turbo without installing an improved exhaust system. That is why Full-Race has several options available to maximize exhaust gases flow rate.

With Full-Race products, there are no limits to the power you can enjoy in your Ford F-150 and F-150 Raptor. Leave your competitors behind, install Full-Race EcoBoost systems now.

Offroad Alliance Difference

Increasing the horsepower and torque of an engine like Ford's EcoBoost Gen2 3.5L is a delicate task. That is the reason why Offroad Alliance specialists approved Full-Race as one of the brands to be included in our product catalog. Full-Race has vast experience with Ford EcoBoost engines ensuring that you will get products that do not disappoint.

Having doubts regarding which Full-Race kit is the best for your Ford truck? You have nothing to worry about. Just contact us and our specialists will gladly guide you in choosing the best kit according to your budget and performance expectations.