Husky Husky

Are you ready to protect your floor carpet properly? Then forget about cheap floor mats that only ruin your vehicle’s interior. Meet Husky, the next generation of high-quality floor liners.

Husky offers a wide variety of floor liners to satisfy all types of requirements and situations, from large families, to off-road enthusiasts, to contractors.

  • X-Act Contour. One of the newest lines from Husky, created to adapt precisely to all the contours of your floor and thus offer superior protection
  • WeatherBeater. A sporty line designed with nature and the outdoors in mind, and therefore ready to keep your car clean at all times
  • Classic Style. Husky’s original line of floor mats and liners, created to offer unsurpassed protection to your vehicle
  • Heavy Duty. Line specially designed to withstand the rigors and abuse of the toughest field jobs
  • Mogo Floor Liners. Husky's line of luxury floor liners offers stainless steel accents and a high-precision cut to fit perfectly on upscale vehicles.


  • Husky’s innovative StayPut Cleats keep floor mats in place and prevents them from shifting around
  • The Patented FormFit Edge technology helps to protect your vehicle carpet by using a raised edge that runs along with the door jam that prevents dirt to reach the underside
  • Rubberized DuraGrip material offers both, comfort and durability
  • Husky’s exclusive FormFit Design ensures that each liner adapts perfectly to the contours of your vehicle
  • Available for most pickup trucks and SUVs regardless of their make, model, and year
  • Husky products are backed up by a Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • All Husky floor liners are proudly made in the USA