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ICON - Vehicle Dynamics ICON Vehicle Dynamics

Looking for high-quality suspension systems for your SUV, ATV, or truck reliable enough to withstand any terrain condition?

Well, you just found them.

The main challenge every offroad enthusiast faces when in need of a professional-grade suspension is how to combine all the components to achieve a "definitive solution". Problem is, 4x4 experts know that each component is important, but also know that it’s even more crucial how they interact with each other. The best shock absorber is useless if it does not synergize with the coil spring, for example.

In sum, to configure the perfect suspension for your truck or SUV, you will need to address the vehicle’s dynamics as a whole.

ICON - Vehicle Dynamics

ICON's extensive experience in the 4x4 world has allowed it to develop all kinds of professional and racing-grade suspension components. Shock absorbers, coil springs, steering stabilizers, bump stop kits, leaf springs, steering components. You name it. Better yet. The ICON team has used their field experience to combine the best components of each type into true comprehensive "suspension systems". Can you imagine it? Let’s say you need a new suspension for your Ford F150 or Chevrolet Silverado. All you have to do is selecting a Stage 3 Suspension System, or if you only need shocks, a 2.5 or 3.0 Series Shocks, RXT Suspension Systems, or S2 Secondary Shock Systems. ICON offers anything you might need (or desire) for your ATV, truck, or SUV.

ICON specializes in the design of world-class suspension components that meet the highest expectations. All ICON component share a winning combination of features including:

  • Heavy-duty construction. High strength steel, next-gen bushings, and bearings. You can rest assured that ICON only employs the best of best in its suspension components to give you peace of mind wheater you are driving on the highway or the trail.
  • Unmatched precision. All suspension components are engineered to deliver the utmost performance along with an unmatched suspension geometry
  • Endless Options. Regardless of the ground clearance, wheel travel, or ride quality, ICON delivers exactly what you need. From plug & play suspension solutions to racing-level systems, ICON put at your disposal infinite configurations to choose from.

Forget about body roll, suspension modifications, and low-quality components. ICON offers you the best suspension products.

OffroadAlliance Difference

As long-standing experts in 4x4 suspension systems, at Offroad Alliance, we can confirm the unsurpassed quality, reliability, and high performance of ICON products. In fact, we actually use ICON suspension systems in our vehicles, because we know no other brand can match ICON performance and durability.

Moreover, as authorized dealers for ICON Vehicle Dynamics for many years, our team would be delighted to answer any query you might have regarding the amazing product lineup offered by ICON.

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