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Krazy Beaver™ Tools LLC. is a family run business that started in NM but is now based just east of Denver, Colorado.

Jason, Owner/Manager

Jason recently retired from the Albuquerque Police Department where he protected both the public and wildlife. He is now currently employed as a Law Enforcement Officer in the state of Colorado. During the last ten years of his career in Albuquerque he patrolled the Sandia Mountains, Rio Grande Valley, West Mesa Desert, and the Petroglyph National Park by foot, mountain bike, ATV, UTV, hovercraft, airboat, and SUV. In addition to patrolling the remote areas of the Albuquerque Metro Area, the Specialized Unit was responsible for Search and Rescue Missions and Dive Team.

Jason was a former member of FEMA’s Urban Search and Rescue and was rostered as a Search Team Manager, Boat Manager and K9 handler. It's because of the unique situations that he had experienced over the years that he felt the need to provide the public with Professional Rescue Gear.

In December of 2012, Jason designed a shovel that was innovative in design and would impact Off-Road and Hunting disciplines.

While the original shovel was going through the patent process, Jason began modifying existing shovels from numerous manufacturers. The intent was to construct a high quality affordable shovel that could be transported easily in and on all types of vehicles. Once developed, he began partnering with American Manufacturers to piece together the ULTIMATE USA Made Shovels. Jason eventually released the shovel that could benefit everyone from the average citizen to the Professional First Responder, Hunter, RVer and Off-Roader. He is now offering his tried and tested professional shovels to those that dare to travel “The Roads Less Traveled”!

The Name "Krazy Beaver"

The name Krazy Beaver came about when Jason and a friend were off-roading in an area west of Albuquerque and Rio Rancho known as the Rio Puerco. Jason’s friend made the comment that he needed to name the shovel something that people wouldn't forget. He asked Jason what the tool looked like. He responded with, "A Beaver Tail". Hence the name "Beaver".

After off-roading, Jason was at a restaurant and began pondering the patent pending shovel. He thought it was “Crazy” that the shovel had never been submitted to the USPTO over the course of the last Century. It was that idea that led to the name "Krazy Beaver™". Jason has since filed for the Trademarked name "Krazy Beaver™" through the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the rest is history!