Needing the utmost braking performance for your Ford Raptor? In that case, R1 CONCEPTS is the solution you were looking for.

Performance-oriented brake rotors for any application

R1 CONCEPTS offers you the most advanced brake rotors for your Ford Raptor, the R1 CARBON GEOMET SERIES. Enjoy maximum stopping power and superior reliability thanks to its exclusive technology.

  • Ultimate performance regardless of your application. Whether you are looking for the best brake discs for daily usage, street performance, racing, towing/hauling, or offroad purposes, R1 GEOMET Carbon Series has a model for you. Choose between blank, slotted, drilled, or drilled & slotted brake discs depending on the level of performance you need.
  • High Carbon Alloy Construction. Carbon alloy is the newest and most radical rotor material currently available in the market. It provides better strength, noise dampening, durability, and heat dissipation than traditional cast iron or steel brake rotors.
  • Superior quality that exceeds OEM specifications. R1 CONCEPTS’ exclusive GEOMET Finish provides unequaled corrosion protection, while the OEM vane configuration and split-core technology used in R1 GEOMET Carbon Series brake rotors guarantee incredible durability and superior braking performance for your Ford Raptor.

Benefit from the strongest material on the planet. Only carbon-based brake rotors can offer you the highest level of reliability along with unmatched performance in the most demanding offroad applications.

Offroad Alliance Difference

The R1 GEOMET Carbon Series Brake Rotors were designed to be a direct replacement to the Ford Raptor’s OEM rotors. That is why at Offroad Alliance we proudly offer their entire line to satisfy the most challenging braking requirements. Contact us if you need more details or have any queries regarding your application. Our team will gladly assist you during the entire selection and purchasing process.