RIGID Industries has been shedding a light on the off-roading world for years. Built to be reliable, easy to install, and just downright work, RIGID Industries lights are a staple when the sun goes down but the party is still going. We’re proud to carry a full line of RIGID’s products to give you the electrical accessories you need to take your off-roading further. Just enter your vehicle information at the top of the page, and we’ll help you find the RIGID Industries LEDs, lights, and bars that will work best for you.

The Difference Is Night To Day

RIGID Industries doesn’t just try to match the competition, they work hard to leave them behind. It’s harder than ever to find the right lights for your vehicle, with terms like HID, LED, color temperature, and more all touted as vital to the “best” build. RIGID Industries’ lights are durable, innovative, and take the guesswork out of the process by grouping their lighting by application, so you know you’re getting the right part for your needs, in stock and shipped fast to your door.

When you buy RIGID LED lights all you have to do is decide if you require a bar or a pod. Next, you only have to choose between professional, standard, or special products. RIGID has LED lights series for all kinds of applications, A-Series, 360-Series, Adapt E-Series, Adapt Pro, Capture, Chase, O-Series Pro, E-Series Pro, SR-L Series, SR-L Series, Radiance Pod XL, and SR-M Series, are only a few examples of RIGID’s product line-up. Whatever the series, RIGID offers:

  • Long-lasting LED lights - RIGID LED lights can easily last 50,000+ hours thanks to its advanced design and ultra-high quality LED components.
  • Flexibility - You do not have to worry about the supply voltage. Most RIGID series are compatible with power sources ranging from 9VDC to 36VDC offering incredible flexibility for all kind of applications
  • Heavy-duty housings -  RIGID series come with IP68 waterproof, dustproof housing, meaning you can use them under any weather condition.
  • Cutting-edge circuitry - RIGID LED lights patented technology ensures their circuit boards will light up LEDs as fast as possible without compromising its reliability.
  • Amazing heat dissipation - Heat is the number one enemy of any light system. RIGID uses integrated thermal management systems along with high-grade aluminum alloy heatsinks to ensure all components are working at an optimal temperature

Get The Right Lights For Your Adventures

If you need help finding the right one for your vehicle or run into a snag on installation, just give us a call. One of our pros will help you, off-roader to off-roader, so you can get out of the garage and back to the fun. That’s the quality parts and great service you and your truck deserve. Order your RIGID Industries bars and pods online from Offroad Alliance today.