Roll-n-Lock Roll-n-Lock


Depending on your lifestyle and needs, you may need a specific type of truck bed cover. If by chance that style is "retractable", then no other brand will offer you the unique advantages of Roll-N-Lock.

Unlike other brands, Roll-N-Lock is fully committed to designing and manufacturing only one type of truck bed cover, retractable bed covers. Guess what? They are the best at it. Over the years Roll-N-Lock has perfected retractable bed covers in a unique and convenient way. Read on to find out more!

  • M-Series: enjoy the convenience of a retractable cover, the security of a hardcover, and the great look of a vinyl soft-cover. Rock-N-Lock makes it possible thanks to its innovative vinyl-over-aluminum hybrid truck bed cover
  • A-Series: if you prefer an all-aluminum retractable truck bed cover then Rock-N-Lock's A-Series is for you. This cover is built from a single piece of aluminum with hidden seals to keep water out of your truck bed and your cargo protected from the weather. Moreover, A-Series are powder-coated to provide the utmost UV and scratch resistance
  • E-Series: provide you with the most convenient solution currently available on the market. With a push of a button, you can access your truck cargo area thanks to E-Series electric-powered retractable aluminum cover.

Roll-N-Lock Features

  • All Roll-N-Lock truck bed covers are built from premium aluminum to provide the utmost safety to your belonging as well as maximum protection against weather conditions
  • Super convenient frictionless retractable design let you access your truck bed effortlessly
  • Quick and easy install, no drilling required
  • Roll-N-Lock products are designed to be a perfect fit for most late model pickup trucks
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty
  • Roll-N-Lock truck bed covers are 100% made in the USA using top-notch manufacturing processes and unrivaled craftsmanship