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Looking for a solution that lets you control your advanced LED light system efficiently?

Having several pod lights, led bars, and fog lights are without a doubt essential to off-road professionals. However, how do you manage them? Perhaps using old-style lever switches? That is ok. But what is even better and more convenient is a next-gen solid-state switch panel power system as the ones that Switch-Pros can offer you.

A top-notch switch panel to control cutting-edge LEDs systems

If you are like us at the Offroad Alliance, then you like the latest generation off-road gadgets. That is exactly what Switch-Pros has to offer. Innovative switch panel systems that can take your lighting system to the next level.

  • Welcome to the future of 4x4 lighting control panels. Whether you prefer the latest Switch-Pros solid-state panel, the RCR-Force 12, the award-winning SP-9100 switch panel power system or any of the available mounting kits, you will enjoy the most advanced technology in your truck or SUV.
  • Unrivaled styling. Just imagine how good any of the available Switch-Pros panels will look in your truck or SUV. Each has user-selectable switch legends and unlimited RGB backlighting color options.
  • Unique features. Switch-Pros panels come in a variety of user-programmable switches (eight for SP-9100 and 12 for RCR-Force 12). All models come with high current protected circuits, waterproof solid-state power module, memory function, lighting output dimming, LED input status indicators, and more!

What are you waiting for? Start customizing your 4x4 lighting “command center” with Switch-Pros panels. Enhance the styling of your Jeep, truck, or SUV and gain incredible convenience and added protection for your costly lighting system.

Offroad Alliance Difference

At Offroad Alliance we love offering innovative off-road solutions like the ones provided by Switch-Pros’ panels. Having the ability to easily control different sets of lights, and other accessories, from a single location, is simply amazing. However, it could be also confusing and even challenging choosing the right panel. That is why we offer you our vast expertise in lighting solutions and control panels to assist you during the whole selecting process. Kindly contact us, and our specialists will answer any question you might have regarding the incredible Switch-Pros panels.