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1221 Wheels: A wheel brand built on amazing designs, uncompromising quality, advanced materials, innovative manufacturing techniques, and continuous improvement

1221 is a brand focused on seamlessly integrating timeless design with innovative technical details and superior manufacturing. Their styles and wheel lines provide a look that will be fresh today and relevant for years to come, along with quality that will last.

1221 Wheels has created styles which use proportion and meticulous detailing to create wheels with an elegant, yet technical look that perfectly complement today’s most sought-after vehicles. These designs are carefully crafted and assembled using the highest quality materials, components, and standards. 1221 Wheels offers features never seen in the wheel industry which remove excess weight and create real world performance benefits.


V.I.P. EDITION: The 1221 V.I.P. Edition wheels aim to bring a new and ultra-aggressive look to the 1221 line of lightweight modular 2 and 3-piece wheels. VIP builds on the success of 1221’s Apex3.0 wheel line with its signature 20 bolt construction found in their AP2x, AP3Lx, and AP3x wheel configurations.

APEX3.0 EDITION: The 1221 Apex Edition represents the pinnacle of wheel design. Apex offers 1221’s most advanced wheel technology, material usage, and technological design innovation, and is specifically designed for supercars and exotics.

SPORT3.0 EDITION: The Sport3.0 Edition wheel line was designed to bring the same level of innovation found on 1221’s world-class Apex3.0 at a lower price point. 1221 Wheels brought a completely new line up of styles and configurations available than ever before.


1221 Wheels “X” configurations bring a truly unique offering to the premium forged marketplace. 1221 Wheels AP2x, AP3Lx, and AP3x wheel configurations feature a 20 bolt construction. Traditional multi-piece forged wheels from every other manufacturer use 40 bolt construction.


1221 Wheels worked tirelessly on their truck wheels to be aggressive, yet timeless and compliment the functional development ethos in the performance off-road space. 1221 Wheels developed a brand-new profile for this project to achieve the most concave look possible for truck wheels.