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Did you know that a large camper trailer weighs around 7,700 pounds? And that is without water, supplies, generator, cargo, or occupants.

Is your truck prepared for towing it?


Take control of your cargo with Air Lift suspension kits

If you were looking for the definitive solution to towing or hauling with maximum safety, relax, Offroad Alliance has got you covered. Meet Air Lift air spring kits.

  • Load-Leveling Versatility. Air Lift has the most comprehensive line of load-leveling air springs in the market. Air Lift 1000 and Air Lift 1000HD covers 1,000 lbs capacity, RideControl and SlamAir are perfect for 2,000 lbs capacity, and LoadLifter 5000 Series and LoadLifter PRO Series are ideal for 5,000 loads. Need more? LoadLifter 7500XL gives you 7,500 lbs capacity.
  • Heavy-duty construction. Air Lift takes security very seriously. That is why all its products are manufactured using premium materials. Anodized aluminum end caps, stainless steel attaching hardware and lines, and premium heavy-duty rubber.
  • Hassle-free installation. All Air Lift air spring kits come ready with all necessary hardware (mounting brackets, lines, bolts, Schrader valve, etc) as well as a fully-illustrated installation guide.
  • Ready for any application. Regardless if you own a ½, ¾, or 1-ton pickup or van, Air Lift provides you a convenient solution for your application.

Beef up your truck suspension and drive with the peace of mind of being backed up by one of the most trusted air springs brands in the US, Air Lift.


Offroad Alliance Difference 

After installing and testing countless air suspension kits in the Offroad Alliance shops, we can assure you that you won't get a better one than Air Lift. Not sure which kit is the best for your truck? Contact us or gives us a call. Our experts will be delighted to answer all your queries.