AL Offroad Products

Al Offroad Products is the manufacturer of trailgate panels for your truck. These are used as a tailgate insert to bring more functionality to your tailgate. A tailgate panel, often referred to as a tailgate insert, panel, or replacement, is a component designed to replace the factory-installed tailgate surface on pickup trucks. Made of rust proof aluminum, these tailgate panels are tough and designed to last. Give yourself some extra space to set down a drink or spread-out work papers while in the field.

Tailgate insert benefits:

  • Upgrade your tailgate by making it more practical.
  • Bring utility to a previously useless plastic space.
  • Made from rust proof aluminum.
  • OEM fitment with stainless steel hardware.
  • Comes with or without cup holders.

AL Offroad Trailgates (Tailgate Panels)

The standard tailgate panel that comes with a pickup truck is usually rigid and uneven, which can be inconvenient for activities such as sitting, working, or placing objects on a flat surface. Upgraded tailgate panels can include features like cup holders, flat surfaces for food preparation, and tailgating at your local sporting event. They are secured to the tailgate with screws and are relatively straightforward to install. Tailgate panels are popular among truck owners who use their vehicles for outdoor activities, work-related tasks, or simply desire a more practical and aesthetically pleasing tailgate surface.

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