Baja Designs

When you have lights by Baja Designs, the sun going down doesn’t tell you when it’s time to take your off-road truck or SUV home. Baja’s off-road lights have become an iconic part of the off-roading community, powering through the dark to give people more time to explore every adventure that starts when you leave the asphalt behind. Baja Designs lights offer you the flexible illumination you need for a truly custom build that fits your vehicle’s needs. Browse our selection of the top aftermarket lighting upgrades and accessories and find the right setup to help you stay out longer.

More Lights For More Fun

Baja Designs off-road lights have built their brand around light systems off-roaders can trust to deliver real performance in the harshest conditions. With engineering departments that are consistently pushing the envelope of what Baja’s off-road lights can do for their drivers and manufacturing processes that ensure quality across their product lines, you can’t go wrong. Whether you want an off-road light bar, LED auxiliary lights, pods, tail lights, laser lights, or military-grade infrared lighting systems, Baja Designs lights has a solution for your customized vehicle. If you need help finding the perfect lights for your application, call and talk to one of our experienced aftermarket parts pros. They’re by the phone days, nights, and weekends.

Get The Light Your Off-Roading Needs

As truck enthusiasts, we know how important having the right aftermarket lighting upgrades are for better off-roading. We have the lights you need in stock at our US warehouses and ready to ship. Order your Baja Designs off-road lights from Offroad Alliance today.