Bedrug Bedrug

Not all bed liners are created equal. Proof of it is BedRug’s line of products. Keep your beloved pickup truck protected from dirt, scratches, and dents with the innovative bed liners and mats from BegRug.

A new kind of Bedliner, ideal for demanding owners

Are you looking for the most advanced Bedliners and bed mats currently available in the market? Congratulations, you just found them.

  • Innovation and protection in one product. BedRug’s unique Bedliners and mats look like plush but actually are made from 100% polypropylene. Moreover, they offer unparalleled bed protection thanks to its impact-absorbing close cell foam technology.
  • Easy installation. BedRug products are molded with a high degree of precision to ensure that they will fit effortlessly and without the need for modification to your pickup truck bed.
  • Tough construction. All BedRug Bedliners and mats are waterproof and resistant to chemical and stain. Moreover, the rugged construction of BedRug products makes it easy to handle any type of cargo regardless of their weight.
  • Unique in every sense. Contrary to ordinary Bedliners and bed mats, BegRug novel design incorporates anti-skid surfaces that prevent cargo from sliding, and even models with integrated tailgate gap guard hinge to keep dirt and debris out of your truck bed

Take the protection of your pickup truck bed to the next level. The Bedliners and Bed Mats from BedRug offers you a groundbreaking solution to all your cargo needs.

Offroad Alliance Difference

Sometimes choosing the right product is not easy. Would the BedRug Classic Bed Liner, or BedRug Impact Bed Mat be better? Fortunately, Offroad Alliance's experienced team is ready to help you during the purchasing process, explaining with detail the differences between each option. Contact us to start enjoying the awesome BedRug products!