Cargoglide Cargoglide

Forget the limitations associated with the cargo bed of your truck, Jeep, or van. CargoGlide and WallSlide are here to make your life easier

CargoGlide puts at your disposal the most complete line of industrial-grade cargo drawers and sliding walls on the market. No matter how tough your application is, CargoGlide has a solution ready for you.

  • CG and XL lines. Enjoy the benefits of a durable and reliable sliding cargo bed. CargoGlide is available in a wide variety of capacities for the most popular pickup trucks
  • Gooseneck Application. The original CargoGlide now is also available for gooseneck applications, so you can confidently attach your trailer without losing the convenience of the CargoGlide system
  • WallSlide systems. Imagine all the convenience of CargoGlide platforms applied to your truck or van. Now you can order and customize a WallSlide system to meet the most demanding field applications.


  • Preassembled for quick installation
  • Built using high-grade materials
  • Depending on your application and CargoSlide model you can have up to 100% extension
  • CG and XL lines are available in capacities ranging from 1,000 lbs to 2,200 lbs
  • WallSlide lines feature motorized or manual left and right walls
  • Heavy-duty tie-downs included in all products
  • To ensure maximum reliability, CargoGlide products use cam follower needles and sealed ball bearings
  • Steel frame made in the USA
  • CargoGlide products are backed up by a 3-year warranty (frames, steel, bearings, and welds) and a 1-year warranty on decks, deck surfaces, and substrate