Deaver Deaver Springs

Without a doubt, one of the most underrated components of modern suspension systems is the leaf spring. However, could you imagine driving your truck without this crucial component?

Even a component that seems so simple as the leaf spring can change the way you drive, especially in the most demanding off-road trails. For this reason, we proudly include in our product catalog one of the most renowned leaf springs manufacturers in the US, Deaver Springs.

Improve your ride by using high-quality leaf springs

Even “low-tech” suspension components, like leaf springs, have a huge impact on off-roading performance. That is why you should use the best leaf springs currently available in the market, Deaver Springs.

  • Heavy-Duty bolt through retaining clips. Ensures that all leaves stay in place
  • Poly anti-friction pads. Assists in achieving a quieter ride
  • 5160 spring steel. GIves the leaf springs the necessary strength to withstand the most severe driving conditions
  • Military-grade wrap. Assists in keeping leaf springs’ strength
  • Great attention to detail. Deaver Springs has over 125 years of experience building the best leaf springs, that expertise is constantly used to enhance the performance of all its products

Regardless of your off-road application, if you need the best leaf springs the money can buy then your only choice is Deaver Springs.

Offroad Alliance Difference

Look no further than Deaver if what you need is high-performance, race-proven leaf springs. At Offroad Alliance we offer you the entire line of Deaver Springs at unbeatable prices along with our industry-leading customer service and vast expertise in off-road suspension systems.