DECKED Storage Systems give your off-road truck more secure and better-organized storage space for your gear, tools, and equipment. One of the most innovative brands in off-road cargo management, their line of systems, boxes, drawers, tracks, and accessories give your box the flexibility you need to take your truck from the job site to the campsite and home again. While their full bed-length drawer system might get the most attention, they’ve built their reputation around designing storage that meets the needs of real-world truck owners who need their cargo protected and organized, even under extreme conditions. Upgrade your box for a better off-roading lifestyle with gear from a truck storage leader.

Tough, Secure Cargo Storage

DECKED Storage Systems are engineered for performance, made from tough materials, and built to be ready to tackle rough use off the road. From their vehicle-specific bed-length drawers to rails that secure your cargo, tool boxes that keep your smaller gear safe, and more, you’re getting equipment designed to make your life easier. The roughest trails are littered with gear that bounced out of beds, and we’ve all seen a fellow wheeler unpacking their entire rig looking for the one piece of recovery equipment they need. Make sure your loadout is safe, that there’s a place for everything, and that everything is in its place.

Beef Up Your Bed Storage

We have the storage systems, equipment, and accessories you need to make sure your vehicle is ready to help you do more off the beaten path. Call and talk to one of our pros if you need additional product information or guidance. Old-school customer service is available by phone days, nights, and weekends. Order your DECKED Storage Systems equipment from Offroad Alliance today.