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Looking for the most advanced, reliable, and durable shock absorbers for your truck or SUV?

Meet FOX shocks. A brand that offers the most advanced line of shock absorbers on the market. Whether you need a set of premium high-performance shocks for your truck or SUV or professional-grade shock absorbers for racing, FOX is your best choice.

Redefine your limits by using FOX Racing Shocks

In racing applications, shocks absorbers are key in determining how fast and how aggressively you can drive. During your off-road adventures, shocks absorbers are crucial in providing a comfortable ride regardless of the road condition. Whether you plan to compete in a world-class competition or exploring the desert, FOX has a perfect solution for you.

  • Cutting-edge technology. FOX has introduced several innovations to modern suspension systems. Take for instance FOX Live Valve technology. Thanks to this exclusive technology FOX has taken the Ford Raptor to the next level. FOX’s LIVE technology intelligently adjust compression damping in real-time meaning unsurpassed handling, braking, and steering under any road condition
  • A variety of solutions. While it is true that FOX produces the best racing shocks in the industry, that does not mean it has nothing to offer for daily usage. Proof of that is FOX's line of products for ATV vehicles or the Adventure Series IFP smooth body shocks. You can also install one of the phenomenal Performance Series shocks or one of the exclusive Pro TRD shocks for the Toyota Tacoma
  • Off-road upgrades. As you might expect from a pro-level brand, FOX also offers you a complete line of off-road upgrades such as external cooling systems, dual speed compression adjusters, low-speed compression adjusters, quick-adjust bypass, and more.

Regardless if you need the ultimate coil-over internal bypass shock absorber, a professional-grade external bypass shock, a smooth body shock, or simply a bump stop, you can count on FOX's unmatched quality and reliability.

Offroad Alliance Difference

Offroad Alliance is known for offering the world's best brands for off-road applications. That includes premium and racing-grade shock absorbers. In that regard, we have to admit that we are quite impressed with FOX performance. That is the reason why we use FOX in our vehicles. Hands down, FOX shocks offer the most advanced technology and provide the best driving experience both on-road and off-road.

FOX has a huge catalog of shocks absorbers ranging from premium air shocks to race-ready shocks specifically designed to get you to the podium. Feel free to contact us if you need help choosing the solution that better suit your needs