Garmin Brand Page

Garmin navigation systems are trusted by off-road truck and SUV owners across the country and around the world. Amateurs and professionals alike stay in contact with their team members using Garmin radios they know they can rely on. Brands that consistently over-deliver for their users, improving the experience for off-roaders everywhere, are exactly what we look for when deciding what to carry both online and at our retail shops. It’s also exactly what we look for when we’re outfitting our own trucks. Take a look at our selection from this off-road technology giant because there’s something that’s perfect for your build waiting to be found.

Tech That Takes You Places

Getting away from it all doesn’t mean you can’t stay connected. Garmin navigation systems and accessories can help you find your way when you get off the road, take you to places off the beaten path, and help you get home again safely. Garmin radio systems have become a favorite among off-roaders because they’re built to play rough, reliable when you need clear comms, and durable enough to make your investment pay off for years to come. If you have any questions about the right Garmin to add to your build or want to talk about accessory and installation options, give us a call. One of our pros will be happy to help, whether it’s during business hours, overnight, or on the weekend.

Pro Gear For All Off-Roaders

We’re proud to offer our customers the right prices on gear that helps them elevate their off-roading, just like our team uses on their vehicles. We have the same gear found on the trucks professionals use, in stock and ready to go at our US-based warehouses. Order your Garmin navigation and communications gear from Offroad Alliance today.