Retrax Retrax

Tired of cheap truck bed covers that do not last and do not even fit correctly in your vehicle?

If so, follow the advice of the Offroad Alliance experts and install a Retrax tonneau cover. Trust us, you will not regret it.

Retrax has more than 20 years of experience designing and manufacturing high-quality aluminum and polycarbonate truck covers. Regardless of your passion, Retrax has an ideal solution for your truck.

Only the best for your truck

When you purchase a Retrax retractable truck bed cover you have peace of mind of having a premium product. Whether you need a standard or power tonneau cover, Retrax product lineup One MX, One XR, Pro MX, and Pro XR have something for you.

  • Convenience. Choose between standard or electric-powered truck covers that can be activated through a convenient keyfob controller.
  • Security. All Retrax covers can be manually or electronically locked in any position.
  • Perfect fit. Forget about annoying modifications. Retrax covers will fit perfectly.
  • Heavy-duty construction. Only high-grade materials are used in Retrax covers. UV protected, scratch-resistant materials are a given.
  • Style. Retrax’s patented low-profile design along with its distinctive matte finish will definitely enhance the looks of your truck.
  • Flexibility. Retrax truck bed covers are compatible with most premium T-slot rack accessories available in the market.

Enjoy the benefit of having the best truck bed cover currently available in the market. Retrax’s reliable retractable mechanism, premium construction, and unique look ensure a tight seal for all your valuable cargo.

Offroad Alliance Difference

We can not help it. At Offroad Alliance we simply love products that offer value to your truck. So it was essential for us to include Retrax tonneau covers in our catalog at unbeatable prices.

Need help selecting the right cover? No problem. Contact us today. We are fans of Retrax truck bed covers and will be happy to make you a fan too.