James' 2020 F-250 Super Duty

James came in with his brand new F-250 Super-Duty with the HD towing package desiring additional carrying capacity to tow his oversized camper. We outfitted this truck with onboard air as well as HD air bags to give additional towing capacity at the flip of a switch. The onboard air is tied into the Ford factory upfitters with a reservoir tank to allow the customer to air up other components such as tires and air mattresses with the quick connect fitting mounted at the rear of the truck. The Air Lift system is controlled via Bluetooth and allows the customer to dial in the exact desired air for each air bag to perfectly level the truck when towing. We used the Viair 200psi constant duty HD compressor to air the reserve tank up to max capacity in under 60 seconds and allows for airing the bags up and down while driving with a payload.