Matthew's 2021 F-250 Tremor Super Duty

This customer has a rock crawling buggy and came in with his brand new Ford wanting the vehicle to be the ultimate off-road chase truck and tow truck for his buggy. Carli’s 4” kit was the perfect solution to what this customer was looking for. We outfitted this brand new F250 with a 4” Long Travel lift, utilizing King Shocks 2.5 shocks with remote reservoirs, Deaver Springs long travel leaf springs with Carli’s long travel air bags in the rear for optimal towing capability and off-road durability and strength. The Carli air bags are powered by ARBs twin air compressor mounted hidden in the bedside and the air pressure is monitored in the cab with a digital gauge for each bag and the hidden air tank. To maintain optimal towing capacity but allow the customer to take this vehicle off-road, we went with Method Race Wheels 701 series wheels wrapped in BF Goodrich’s 37x12.5r17 E Rated tires. The customer also wanted additional lighting on the front of the vehicle while also gaining visibility off the sides of the truck for driving late at night on dark highways. Baja Designs LP4 were a perfect solution to give ample light forward and 200 degrees off to the side. Because the vehicle was lifted quite a bit, we utilized Amp Research steps. These steps fold up flush with the body when the doors are shut, giving a high clearance look, while folding down over 6” to give the customer easy access in and out of the vehicle.