Dave's 2016 4Runner

This customer came to us to make his 2016 daily driven SR5 into a trail ready, off-road beast. We started this build off with the proper armor for the conditions the truck will be driven in. We decided steel would be more beneficial than aluminum, so we went with the full Shrockworks armor line. Shrockworks armor is some of the strongest skids and armor on the market, so we chose them for the bumpers, skid plates and the high clearance sliders. For suspension we went with Arizona Desert Shocks for optimal ride quality with superior performance. These are the remote reservoir shocks with adjusters, allowing the driver to soften the ride for daily driving and stiffen the suspension for every inch of clearance he can off-road. To support the weight in the rear this customer went with Dobinson’s extreme heavy duty 3.5” long travel coil springs to give us the most travel we could while maintaining a near level look when loaded down with all the off road recovery gear and accessories. Frontrunner Outfitters slimline full length roof rack was a perfect solution for any amount of accessories as they have the most mounting accommodations out of any roof rack on the market. This allows for easy moving of objects for a customer who changes the rack setup and accessories at any moment. For off road lighting we went with Baja Designs everywhere we could. This customer has every light solution for any weather or driving condition you can think of, from a low mounted S8 in the bumper to LP6 on the top, S1 chase lights in the rear of the roof rack to S2 Pros mounted down low on the back bumper. Rago Fabrication MOLLE panels in the rear with the shelf across the top allows this customer to keep all the quick grab recovery gear at an arm’s reach from the back window and keeps from getting lost in a large tote of gear. This customer has large dogs so keeping the back space open was a necessity. For wheels and tires, this customer chose Method Vex 311s which we had OMF Performance outfit with rash rings for added protection off road and an aggressive look on-road. These were wrapped in General Grabbers 35x12.5r17 E rated tires to give the driver confidence on any trail whether it be mud or rock walls. To turn these oversize tires, the vehicle was outfitted with Magnuson’s 4.0L Supercharger to ensure there was enough power necessary to maintain daily highway driving. The customer also regeared the vehicle from 3.73 factory gears to Nitro Gear and Axles 4.88 Gears and outfitted the differentials with ARBs Air lockers in the front and rear to ensure this vehicle will be able to go anywhere the customer desires. These air lockers are powered by ARBs Twin Air Compressor and the lockers and operated by the Switch-Pros 9100, which powers and controls all the lighting on the vehicle as well! To top off the build, the customer chose to go with Morimoto’s Gen 2 Headlamps and upgrade from the stock halogen bulbs to a fully sealed LED housing with LED surround DRL and turn signals and a much brighter output over the stock headlamps.