Luke's 2018 Tundra

Luke’s Prius is not your average ecofriendly daily driver, I mean, when is the last time you saw a Prius with Addictive Desert Designs front and rear bumpers and 295/70/R18 Nitto Ridge Grapplers? (36”x11.5” for those who don’t know metric tire sizes) As we mentioned, This TRD Pro is outfitted with ADD Stealth Fighter Front and Rear bumpers, with the front having a Rigid 40” Radiance curved lightbar in the center, and a 10” Rigid SR light bars in each fog light. The Stealth Fighter line has the option for a winch mount, which this truck has, but has not been installed yet. The Rear ADD Stealth Fighter Bumper had 2 Rigid Radiance 3” Cube lights tucked nicely into the bumper. The Rigid Radiance Line of LED Light bars and Cube lights all come with a single-color backlight with your choice of Red, Blue, Amber, and White. Rigid recently released the Rigid Radiance Plus SR light bar that is RGB, so we expect the rest of the Rigid Radiance line to soon get “plus” variants.