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Best Off-Road Truck Mods on a Budget

Best Off-Road Truck Mods on a Budget

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You don’t have to break the bank upgrading your off-road truck or SUV because some of the best truck mods work within most budgets. Every off-roader wants a vehicle that helps them chase a better off-road experience, whether your particular brand of off-roading involves dust, mud, rocks, or all of the above. Affordable truck mods help every off-roader enjoy the same passionate pursuit of building a better vehicle that is uniquely their own. We’re here for every off-roader, from the well-to-do to the “well, it’s good enough for now,” because everyone deserves to drive a vehicle that fits their needs.

Big Value, Bank Account-Friendly Prices

We’d all love to be able to outfit a paid-off vehicle with the top gear and accessories–price is no option. Life just doesn’t always work that way. Vehicle payments, mortgages, bills, kids, pets, and more all take money, and sometimes that doesn’t leave quite as much for the best truck mods on the market. When that happens, it’s time to look for the affordable upgrades for your truck that have the biggest impact on performance and function without having the same big impact on your pocketbook.

The best truck mods make an immediate impact on the off-road experience, and these are no different. They help your off-road truck or SUV look better, work harder, or get itself out of trouble and back on the trail when things go sideways. They may not offer the same flash as installing a SmartCap or full off-road lighting package or add the same functionality as a heavy-duty Warn winch or Stage 2+ suspension kit, but as foundational upgrades to build your custom vehicle around, you can’t beat them for the price.

COBB Air Filter Sock

Keep Your Filter Clear

Your motor needs cool, clean air for better combustion. When your filter becomes clogged, air flow and power suffer. Adding a COBB Air Filter Sock helps prevent small particulate from lodging on your filter or being sucked into the intake. This fine mesh sleeve fits over your filter, protecting it and extending its life.

Get A Grip

You have the steering wheel to hold onto, but your passengers are at the mercy of your bumps and bangs. Adding grab handles can help them hang on tight through the most aggressive maneuvers. Those handles don’t have to sit there, though, when not in use. Adding bags to your handles can give you a convenient place to store small, frequently needed items. Anytime you can make your vehicle’s layout and gear storage more convenient, it’s a win.

Hi-Lift Jack

Lift Off

Big wheels need a big lift when a tire runs flat. Hi-Lift Jacks set the standard for bumper lift jacks that give you the clearance you need for swapping wheels or creating traction under a dug-in tire. Don’t leave your jack bouncing around your bed! Proper mounting hardware for your gear is one of the best truck mods you can buy, as it helps protect your investment in both the vehicle and accessory.

Cause A Flap

Mudguards and mud flaps help control the dirt, dust, rocks, and mud you kick up when you’re wheeling or just driving on normal roadways, and in many locations, they’re required road safety equipment on all vehicles. That doesn’t mean they’re only for the benefit of other drivers, though. Your truck will kick up a lot of debris when you’re pushing it hard. What makes these some of the best truck mods with an affordable price tag is that they keep most of that debris away from your truck and its relatively sensitive components. Good mudflaps pay for themselves with less wear and tear elsewhere.

Keep In Touch

When you’re digging through valleys, climbing mountains, and getting as far off the beaten path as possible, even the best cell phone networks get spotty. The Spot X Messenger doesn’t rely on cell networks, making it one of the best truck mods for safety and convenience on the go. Using satellites for GPS tracking and text communication, the Spot X can connect to your phone via Bluetooth for a familiar messaging experience that isn’t limited to land-based towers. 

Dig In

Krazy Beaver Recovery Shovel

Sometimes you need a little space to work with under your wheels to get some good traction going. Other times, you need a fire pit for a night under the stars. The Krazy Beaver Shovel is ready to go to work. A useful tool for both recovery, camping, and general fieldwork, this shovel is strong, built to last, and designed with teeth that chew their way through roots, hard-pack, and clay. Made of 13-gauge powder-coated and heat-treated steel, it’s made to take heavy use, dish out abuse, and look good doing it.

Dig Out

Traction boards are affordable truck upgrades that pay for themselves after only a couple of uses. TRED GT Recovery Boards are some of the best on the market. Engineered to provide progressive traction as your vehicle pulls itself out, they can save you time, money, and the embarrassment of waiting for someone to come snatch you from the sloppiest terrain. Create some space under the tire with your Krazy Beaver, slide them in, and let your truck go to work doing its thing.

Off-Road fire extinguisher installed on an off-road vehicle

Don’t Fan The Flames

In many parts of the country, wildfire is an ever-present risk off-roaders need to be aware of. From sparks to hot vehicle components igniting dry grass and campfires getting out of control, there are plenty of ways you could inadvertently be part of causing a disaster. Keeping a fire extinguisher handy is always a good idea off the road. Choose the right one for your ride, mount it properly, and make sure to check it regularly to ensure it has a good charge so you can act when needed. 

Air Down Accurately

Airing down your tires is part of off-roading. A combination gauge and air-down tool makes the process easy and accurate, giving you repeatable results when you find the perfect level for your off-road lifestyle. Airing down gives you more surface area for traction through loose and rough terrain, but too far, and you can find yourself sitting on rims. A good gauge eliminates the need to guesstimate or “go by feel,” saving your tires and time.

Build An Affordable Beast

You can count on us to deliver the same old-school customer service you love, whether you’re spending big or dreaming big. Call one of our pros anytime you need help finding the right part, and they’ll help you understand your options before wasting money on something that isn’t going to work for you. Order the best truck mods for your budget from Offroad Alliance today.

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